The Pro-E-Trading Automated System

The pro-e-trading automated system is a premium quality market timing service which gives you the choice of receiving end of day – one to three day or intra-day electronically automated directional swing trading signals that can be applied by institutional or individual traders.

The signals are identified by or our proprietary mathematical methodology, automated and delivered to you or your broker at the end of every day. These electronically automated signals include optimal entry/exit, trailing stop loss, pivot points and profit objectives for currencies, metals and stock indices for day and night sessions.

All detailed trade research and analytics are already done for you. By taking proprietary algorithms and breaking them down into a basic buy or sell application, the pro-e-trading system helps you make electronically automated trading decisions.

Who Can Benefit from Using the Pro-E-Trading Automated System?

The pro-e-trading automated system is an ideal solution for those who do not have the time or experience to effectively analyze the market. It’s also perfect for accomplished traders and those who are looking to diversify.

Pro-E-Trading Automated System:

  • Allows you to obtain specific automated directional trend signals that were previously only possible to obtain with expensive trading software, years of study, knowledge and back-testing.
  • Lets you concentrate on your life rather than allowing untold hours to be soaked up developing trading models and strategies.
  • Cuts your research time massively (what previously took hours will take minutes).

How Does the Pro-E-Trading Automated System Work?

The pro-e-trading automated system was designed to do everything for you.

The proprietary model incorporates  Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, Vedic and Western Mathematic principles to monitor cycles and identify volatility, momentum and pattern recognition. Subscribers are automatically provided with entry points, trailing stop-loss levels, and profit objectives for day and night trading.

You don’t need to decide now.

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