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Trading Program Subscription Fee Structure

Payment can be made to Electronic Trading Programs Corp. directly from your trading account by signing a fee payment authorization form, or it can be billed directly to your credit card.  Call or email for special pricing discounts for annual up-front payments or other special situations.  You may cancel at any time.

Two Types of Accounts

1. Email Alerts for Self-Directed Traders
As a self-directed trader you will receive an email prior to every trading session providing specific entry points and exit points as appropriate for select electronic futures contracts.  We currently actively track the Eurocurrency, E-Mini S&P and British Pound.  It isn’t our objective to be in the market every day with every futures contract, we adhere to the algorithm in place for the specific trading program.  You may also receive intra-day alerts that provide you with direction concerning any changes in the program due to extreme market conditions.

2. Automated Execution with Letter of Direction (LOD)
You may choose to work with your broker to have the Electronic Trading Programs Corp. program of your choice automatically executed per a signed letter of direction (LOD).  This option takes emotion out of the situation as your broker executes the signals provided by the trading program per your LOD.  The LOD can follow the trading program of your choice as is or as you and your broker deem appropriate based on your objectives and circumstances.  Contact your broker for details on how an LOD program may best work for you.

General Guidance

We can not emphasize enough the importance of proper money management to try and avoid margin calls and not have your account over-leveraged at times when losses occur.  You should fully understand risk and money management before starting.  As a general guideline you should have at least twice the capital in your account as you expect to expend as initial margin.  For example, if trading the Golden Eagle trading program with one contract across all four products the guideline would suggest that you consider trading the program with at least $100,000 as a starting point.

If you have specific questions they can be emailed to or we can be reached by phone at 805.418.1744.

*All prices are subject to change without prior notice

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