Dear Patrick,

I have been trading for 5 years now.  In that time, I’ve had several mentors.  From the beginning, though, I felt you were different.  You told me you would feel successful when my family was abundantly successful.  That meant a lot to me.  Who would’ve thought it… a trader with a huge heart!   And, what I’ve learned from you, would be hard to put a price tag on.  You understand the psychology of the trader better than anyone I’ve met.  Your mentorship, in combination with the VC, has helped me bridge the gap between my emotions as a trader and the reality of how the market moves.

The VC system that you created is a transformative and invaluable tool!  It has allowed me to strategically plan my trades and follow where the energy of the market is heading.  With your system, I get a bird’s-eye view before market shifts occur.  I’m no longer directionless in the market.  This system has proven itself time and again.  Thanks to the VC, I have become a more confident trader.

I wanted to thank you for ensuring my family’s financial future.  Thanks to you, I see myself as a lifelong, trader, prosperous beyond what I ever thought I could be.  Now, I am actually building my family’s wealth.  My dreams are becoming reality with the VC system.

Happy Trading!

Thomas in Kentucky

p.s.  Wayne Dyer once said, “Abundance is not something we acquire.  It is something we tune into.”  This is what your system does… allows the trader to tune into the market in a way no other tool does.



Patrick provides real market intelligence, often with uncanny accuracies. We haven’t been using the service long but it’s impressed us enough to sign up for a year’s service. We trialled the $1 a day service and were truly amazed at the results. Happy to say having signed up for a year it’s literally paid for itself in the first week.

George, England

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